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7 Impactful Marketing Trends to Implement- Urban Arts
7 Impactful Marketing Trends to Implement Table of Contents 7 Impactful Marketing Trends to ImplementVideo MarketingContent Is Still the King Harnessing the power of dataSocial Media ContentVirtual EventsInfluencer MarketingPersonalization We will talk about the top seven recent marketing trends in 2022. If you want to set standards in the field of digital marketing, you must closely follow new marketing methods. That is undoubtedly the key to earning an advantage in the race. Knowing the most
Digital Marketing Real-estate- UrbanArts
Digital Marketing Strategies within the Real Estate Industry Table of Contents Digital Marketing Strategies within the Real Estate IndustryDigital Marketing- Real-EstateMake Your Website Your First PriorityIncorporate SEO-Optimized ContentCreate an Email Marketing CampaignConclusion   Digital Marketing- Real-Estate Technological developments have plagued every field throughout the years, becoming essential aspects of the structure, allowing them to stand strong among their competition. It is not surprising that a highly competitive area like real estate has become reliant on options
Customer Lifetime Value
Determine the Customer’s Lifetime Value Table of Contents Determine the Customer’s Lifetime ValueWhat keeps a customer coming back?How to Calculate the Customer Lifetime Value? What you’ll need to know about calculating customer lifetime value? Customer Lifetime Value CalculationHere’s how to calculate customer lifetime value.Lifetime Value = Average Value of Sale × Number of Transactions × Retention Time PeriodCustomer Lifetime Value = Average Value of Sale × Number of Transactions × Retention Time Period × Profit MarginCustomer
facbook ad and google ad
Google Ads vs Facebook Ads Table of Contents Google Ads vs Facebook AdsDifference between Google Ads and Facebook AdsGoogle Ads (Paid Search)Facebook (Paid Social Advertising)Advantages of Facebook AdsThe Benefits and Strengths of Google AdvertisingA Large AudienceEqual OpportunityUser Experience + Relevance = Quality ScoreNumerous Range of Ad FormatsThe Benefits and Strengths of Facebook AdvertisementsUnparalleled Audience GranularityAn Integrated Visual PlatformExceptional ROIFacebook’s affordable budgeting = potentially sky-high ROIWhich Should You Use: Google Ads or Facebook Ads? Until recently,
Digital Marketing in Pakistan
Why Should Businesses In Pakistan Embrace Digital Marketing? Table of Contents Why Should Businesses In Pakistan Embrace Digital Marketing?Digital Marketing in PakistanInternet Users Growth Digital Marketing Services is GrowingPakistani Businesses Need of the HourThe Potential of Digital Marketing for Businesses Conclusion The rate at which the world is becoming digitized is faster than anyone could have anticipated. We are living in the age of technology, which has brought about a complete revolution in the way