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E-Commerce Business in Pakistan

Pakistan: How to establish an e-Commerce Business

E-commerce Business

Today, over 4.6 billion people worldwide frequently use the Internet over the past 12 months, and the overall number of Internet users worldwide increased by 319 million in the last year alone.

This means that each day, an average of 875,000 new users is added. These startling figures demonstrate how quickly the Internet is taking over the world.

Due to the increasing popularity in the usage of the Internet, there has been a shift in the world of Internet trade. Smartphones, social media, and the likes have also contributed to the continuous development of Internet trade.

We are starting to witness marketing shift from the physical to the virtual realm. As a result, it is only natural for you, as an entrepreneur, to go with the flow. In fact, wanting to push your business to the next level is a wise choice.

If you’re thinking about starting an e-commerce company in Pakistan, you’ve come to the right place.

You will learn all you need to know about beginning an eCommerce company in Pakistan, including what items you can sell online in Pakistan, why Pakistan is such a wonderful market option, and how Urban Arts can help you reach your objectives.

What is E-commerce?

Simply, e-commerce refers to any business transaction that takes place in cyberspace. It’s also referred to as Internet marketing. E-commerce is not a surprising notion in today’s digital world. And it is not incorrect to claim that everywhere the Internet has spread, the concept of online transactions has also spread. E-commerce has evolved into a massive industry, with over 4 billion people worldwide utilizing the Internet.

E-commerce business

As we all know, time is of the essence at all times. Everyone is seeking for a speedier approach or strategy to get a lot done in the least amount of time. Few individuals today want to acquire things through traditional channels. We’ve grown to see the procedure as time-consuming and excessively difficult. E-commerce makes shopping more convenient.

You may now sit in the comfort of your own home, unlock your smartphone, and search online for an e-commerce company with a large inventory. And just a single click, you can get practically anything and have it delivered right to your home. Distance is no longer an impediment in the age of e-commerce. Sellers and entrepreneurs may mail things to you from anywhere in the world.

As a supplier, you no longer need to rent a structure or a store for your business. This means you won’t have to worry with the trouble of paying for things like energy, water, and rent.

You may start trading your items and services right away using a smartphone without leaving your house. To put it simply, the huge rise of the Internet has brought buying and selling to a whole new level of convenience.

Today, it looks like e-commerce is suffocating the physical market. Both consumers and sellers are growing to see the Internet as a more convenient way to conduct business.

The reason for this is because internet trading is distinguished by its convenience, 24-hour availability, capacity to save time, and, most crucially, ability to reduce expenses. These characteristics are what distinguish e-commerce from the physical market.

Why Invest in E-Commerce in Pakistan?

The Internet has extensively invaded Pakistan. Pakistan has 61 million Internet users in January 2021. 2 Between 2020 and 2021, the number of Internet users climbed by 11 million.

This steady growth in internet usage in Pakistan is astounding. And the statistics aren’t slowing down. This clearly makes Pakistan a good place to grow e-commerce.

E-commerce business Pakistan is also the world’s 5th most populated country. Pakistan has a youth population of 64%.

These figures clearly show that Pakistan is a rich mine for e-commerce firms.


Consider these reasons to establish an internet trading business in Pakistan.

  • Technology growth
  • 5G internet and smartphone availability
  • Acceptance of e-cash
  • Favorable environment for entrepreneurs
  • Good export system

 Technology Growth

In Pakistan, the digital world is rapidly expanding. This is hardly unexpected given that youngsters make up more than half of Pakistan’s population. This makes it an excellent spot to launch any internet business. There will always be a market for your items.

Furthermore, the government of Pakistan is working hard to foster an atmosphere conducive to internet transactions. This is due to the fact that internet transactions have a favorable influence on the economy’s general well-being.

5G Internet and Smartphone Availability

After utilizing the 3G and 4G broadband, Pakistan is prepared to debut into the 5G network broadband. This will permit an even stronger and speedier Internet connection.

The prices of smartphones have also dropped, enabling a bigger number of people the possibility to buy a smartphone and begin utilizing the Internet.

Acceptance of e-Cash

Online monetary transactions are becoming increasingly prevalent. Different countries are beginning to follow the trend since they can no longer afford to deny it. Pakistan is one of the countries that have taken up this strategy.

As a result, many payment channels have evolved. This will boost people’s faith in digital currency over time. As a result, there would be an increase in online fund transactions. And, with the capacity to move cash online, e-commerce will become even more powerful and firmly embedded in the system.

Favorable Environment for Entrepreneurs

Pakistan has a tremendous entrepreneurship culture. They also have a government that promotes business. The government is always searching for methods to establish a favorable climate for entrepreneurs, particularly Internet enterprises.

This has aided the expansion of small and medium-sized entrepreneur firms in Pakistan.

Good Export System

Pakistan’s exports are well-known. Here is a list of Pakistan’s top ten exports, along with the money made by each product:

  • Textiles and garments of several types: 4.2 billion US dollars (20 % of all exports)
  • Clothing and accessories (excluding knit and crochet): $3.5 billion (16.7 %)
  • $3.3 billion in knitted or crocheted clothes and accessories (16.1%)
  • Cotton costs $1.8 billion (8.4 %)
  • Cereals are worth $1.2 billion (5.9 %)
  • $716.7 million in leather/animal gut articles (3.5 %)
  • $596.7 million for copper (2.9 %)
  • $421 million for optical, technological, and medical equipment (2 %)
  • Mineral fuels, including oil, totaled $393.8 million (1.9 %)
  • $372.5 million for fish (1.8%)

This list demonstrates that Pakistan is doing pretty well in terms of exports. As an internet trader, you have the opportunity to profit from this lucrative strategy.

Urban Arts:  Design, Develop and Deliver

E-commerce Business Solutions in Pakistan at Urban Arts

The following are some of the advantages of developing a website with e-commerce solutions at Urban Arts:

WE ADD UP YOUR SHOPPING CART: You will be able to take payments by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and other major credit cards.




E-commerce business

Do you want to create your own online business store with no technical knowledge?

Do you search for a strategy to break into the world of e-commerce?

You’ve come to the right location!

Urban Arts are here to assist you in providing the best e-commerce solutions possible. We assist you in creating the best e-commerce solutions so that you can begin selling and increasing your business.

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