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Google Announces Live Marketing Conference In 2022

The Google Marketing Live Conference in 2022 has been officially announced


Google Announces Marketing Live 2022Over the past year, Google announcements came thick and fast as the digital giant made a host of changes to its advertising platform, Google Ads.

The company has never been one to sit idle, putting a strong emphasis on innovation.  Google Marketing Live is back for another year, and the company announced its preliminary plans for the event today.

Rapid technological advancements, particularly in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), have heralded a new era in marketing and advertising.

Smart Bidding and Responsive Search Ads are just two examples of how these technologies were used in paid advertising in 2021.

The world recently learned of new developments at the Google Marketing Live conference.

According to Google, Google Marketing Live will take place on May 24th, and will include both in-person and live-streamed content – but the exact balance is still being determined due to COVID limits.

Google’s annual marketing conference has become a showcase for the company’s latest ad capabilities, such as YouTube ad changes, new ad formats, analytics, and more.

This year, Google is expected to offer more information about its future ‘Privacy Sandbox’ for Android, which will provide Android users with extra data security settings, similarly to Apple’s ATT updates.

Google Announces Marketing Live 2022

Given Google’s reliance on digital ad revenue, data restriction options are expected to be less impactful for marketers, but they will still be significant.

Google also recently announced the next stage of its effort to phase out web tracking cookies, with a shift to a new topic-based structure for digital ad targeting, which will reduce the need for individual data collection.

These, as well as other ad upgrades, will almost certainly be on the agenda for Marketing Live 2022, and it’ll be well worth listening in to learn more about what’s next for Google’s ad tools.

Google’s Marketing Live keynote will be live-streamed around the world, and there will be a variety of on-demand, virtual breakout sessions “designed to help you achieve your business goals,” according to the company.

Google will provide more specific information as the date approaches.

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