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Google Algorithm Update: Google Will Soon Warn You When Search Results Are Unreliable.

Google will now warn you when a news subject is rapidly evolving; Feature Aimed At Breaking News

Google recently started checking its search results to provide more reliable information to its users. However, once news goes viral, it is difficult to verify which information is correct and which is not, with so many outlets covering the same story.

This makes it difficult for Google? to access which source is trustworthy or consistent. That’s why the search engine giant will now start warning you if your search results can’t guarantee reliable information. It will also explain that the topic you are looking for is new and that Google’s algorithms take time to select reliable information


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However, note that the current information bracket is hidden under the “about this result” option, which is hard to find. But once this new update is implemented, Google will show this option outdoors to make it more visible to the user.

This should help significantly reduce misinformation ? on the internet given the number of people using Google every day


Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram already introduced their fact-checking algorithms last year to combat misinformation ? related to COVID-19. These features eventually grew to address all kinds of misinformation on platforms.

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