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Instagram Business Profile Adds Black-Owned Label to Options

Instagram has launched a significant new eCommerce feature that gives black-owned brands the ability to add a tag indicating diversity.

Once the “Black Owned” tag has been added to a profile, the chances of discovery are greatly improved. Instagram will use this tag to add and highlight black-led business profiles in the Store tab and select product collections.

Black-Owned Label

According to Instagram, more than 1.3 million posts were posted in support of “black-led” or “black-owned” companies from last summer to fall, and US-based companies have seen an increase by more than 50% in “Black Led” or “Black-Owned” marked in their biographies. This is a major shift of interest since the culmination of the Black Lives Matter movement last summer and Instagram is trying to facilitate the discovery of similar businesses activities.

As reported by Divya Kunapuli, Product Marketing Manager, and Rachel Brooks, Product Manager, Equity on Instagram:

“We heard from our community that in addition to showing love for their favorite black businesses, they are eager to find out more of them. If you are in the US, you will see the ‘Black Owned’ tag on their profile and their product pages for all of the eligible companies that have self-designated. You can also browse selected collections created by @Shop in the Shop tab, highlighting a range of products from black-owned companies.

To add the tag to your profile, go to “Edit Profile” and select “About Corporate Diversity”. Here you can learn more about what it means to label your business as black-owned. Once understood, you can enable the tag and it will appear on your profile and product pages.

Black-Owned Label

The added tag will allow your products to stand out in the collections selected in the Store tab, allowing more people to discover your brand. Businesses also have access to moderation tools that help them deal with spam, abusive language, and inappropriate comments.

New “Corporate Diversity Information” in profiles may suggest future opportunities for brands with diverse backgrounds. Time will tell if Instagram adds more tags for the various communities that users try to support.

Black-Owned Label Instagram says it has multiple plans to create economic opportunities for black-owned businesses, coming soon.

This news comes about two months after Instagram’s Equity Team, which was formed in the wake of the #BlackLivesMatter protests in the US last year, released its progress update along with steps to begin removing bias. . on the user’s current behavior.

Instagram is collaborating with Black-owned businesses @blackownedeverything, @ghettogastro@alexandrawinbush, and @browniepointsforyou, showcasing them throughout the week on  @instagramforbusiness and @creators.


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