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LinkedIn Updates ‘Services’ Listings to Help Freelancers in Generating Business

LinkedIn has added new elements to its “services” listings in order to help freelancers in generating new business opportunities to list the services they offer on their LinkedIn accounts and be found for those services in search results.

LinkedIn’s Services listings, which were launched in 2019, are available in your profile set-up options and also connect to LinkedIn’s Services Marketplace for hiring contract workers.

LinkedIn services

The additional aspects will provide you more opportunities to add credibility to your service listings. For starters, LinkedIn will now allow users to link their LinkedIn Company Page into their Services listing.

“Service Pages are linked to your personal profile, whereas LinkedIn Pages are linked to a company.” Linking your pages allows potential clients to browse the services you offer directly from your LinkedIn Page to your Service Page. When viewed on a PC, the information from your connected Page will also appear on your Service Page.”

So if your, SMB or consultancy has a business page; you can now create a link between your Services display and that page.

Though it is aimed primarily for small businesses, the page linking tool is now only available for single-admin LinkedIn Company Pages and is only accessible via the desktop version of the site.

It’s essentially a way to build on your services listing and provide additional context for your company and expertise.


Business Growth Tips; LinkedIn New Digital Magazine

Furthermore, LinkedIn will also allow members to add a media showcase to their services sites.

“Utilize this part to show prospective clients what you can do by promoting your favorite news projects relevant to your services.”

Again, this gives you more opportunities to provide context and credibility to your services display by presenting more about what you do or how you’ve been acknowledged for it.

LinkedIn‘s Services listings have already proven successful in the growing gig economy, with more than 2 million people displaying their services on the app.

The new possibilities provide you more methods to entice potential clients and could be a major help in promoting and exhibiting your abilities in new ways.

Thanks to Matt Navarra for informing us about the most recent Services Pages upgrade.

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