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Digitalizing the Market: Eid ul Azha

Pakistan 🇵🇰  is an agricultural economy and nearly 70% of its population is engaged in agricultural practices. Furthermore, agriculture accounts for 19.8 percent of the country’s GDP.

The number of farm animals in Pakistan 🇵🇰  is made up of 23.34 million buffaloes 🐂, 22.42 million cattle 🐄, 24.24 million sheep 🐏 🐑  , 49.14 million goats 🐐 🦌, and 0.77 million camels. 🐪 🐫 The rural masses raise most of these animals.

However, they possess sufficient knowledge of the technicalities related to animal husbandry. They also lack the capital to invest in the prevention, treatment, and control of animal diseases.

Furthermore, the livestock sector has many more problems. Livestock health is a limiting factor in increasing productivity.

Additionally, people pay little attention to farming practices.

Mainly bulls with low genetic potential are used, which limits the improvements in production. All of these problems mentioned above lead to inefficiencies in the industry, which keeps it underused.

Mawesh E-Mandi Digitizing Pakistan’s Sacrificial Animal Market during Eid ul Azha

Eid ul Azha

eid ul azha

Eid ul Azha

eid ul azha

Eid ul Azha has always been a very important event in Pakistan and over the years the animal slaughter market in Pakistan 🇵🇰  has become one of the largest in South Asia. However, the market for slaughter animals had not yet been digitized.

This is where Mawesh E-Mandi saw a great opportunity and created Pakistan’s first online market for animal slaughter.

The online platform allows people who wish to sell their animals for slaughter to register as a supplier and sell their animals for slaughter online.

To incentivize supplier registration, Mawesh E-Mandi has no supplier registration fees but works on commission.

Likewise, for shoppers, the online platform allows users to browse a variety of animals and bid on an animal of their liking. They inform the customer if the offer has been successful.

eid ul azha

Then a team of Mawesh E-Mandi visits the animal to check its health and details. The pet is shipped to the buyer once verification is complete and payment is received.

The platform also allows buyers to place a custom order by submitting their pet’s exact specifications, along with its price range. Upon receiving the order, Mawesh E-Mandi purchases the requested pet from his network of suppliers.

Finally, given the current COVD 19 situation, the platform has also launched an Ijtima E-Qurbani service where people can book their pets online and receive processed meat at home.


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