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ISLAMABAD – The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has planned to introduce Pakistan’s first digital media advertising policy, keeping in mind the growing trend of social media and internet browsing.

Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Senator Shibli Faraz, Prime Minister’s Digital Media Contact Person Dr. Arslan Khalid, and GM’s Digital Media Wing Imran Ghazali met with Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday March 8, 2021

Shibli Faraz appraised the Prime Minister about the Digital Media Advertising Policy that is proposed by his ministry for approval of PM office.

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The prime minister was informed that there are currently 93 million internet users in Pakistan and more than 45 million social media users and the number is continuously growing. Taking into account the upward trend, a mechanism for the delivery of public sector announcements on digital media has been proposed.

Currently, according to officials, there is no mechanism for government advertising on digital media. This will be the government’s first policy, which will allow you to advertise on social media and digital platforms through the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Pakistan’s digital media industry is growing rapidly and this policy will enable new digital platforms and content creators and generally help Pakistan’s economy. The recognition of digital media will encourage the business sector to adopt digital media as an advertising medium.

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Dr Arslan Khalid briefed the Prime Minister on the Digital Media Development Program. It is a multifaceted program that focuses on developing and growing the digital media industry and extending digital literacy grassroots levels.

DMDP aims to bridge the gap between students, the Pakistani government and the digital media industry move towards a brighter future in the digital media ecosystem.

Imran Ghazali, also presented a 6-month performance report from Digital Media Wing. The Prime Minister thanked the Minister of Information and Broadcasting for the measures taken by the Ministry to strengthen Pakistan’s digital media industry.

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