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Pakistani eCommerce Industry And Amazon is a billion-dollar eCommerce industry, an online platform with all the tools you need to build, manage and grow your business. It allows you to sell music, kitchen appliances, furniture, household items, and other goods around the world. Pakistanis recently received the exciting news that they are on Amazon’s approved seller’s list.

Amazon Finally Adds Pakistan To Its Sellers’ List


PM adviser Abdul Razzaq Dawood on Commerce, textiles, and investment adviser announced on Twitter that Amazon has confirmed that Pakistan has been included in the e-commerce giant’s list of sellers.

“In addition to my previous tweet, @amazon confirmed that Pakistan has been added to their list of sellers. It is a great milestone for our eCommerce and will open great opportunities for a new generation of young men and women entrepreneurs. We congratulate everyone involved, “wrote the commerce consultant.


The Prime Minister’s trade advisor previously said that Amazon’s listing is a vital milestone in the government’s e-commerce policy thanks to the joint efforts of many people around the world. If it’s global, Amazon’s inventory across all its categories and services is around 12 million.


He said: “Amazon has a 45% share of the US e-commerce market, and it can be explored in an open competitive environment.” Ahmed said:

 “This is a great motivation for Pakistani manufacturers”. Digital media marketer Nouman Younas added that Amazon’s upgrade is not only good news for the business community, but freelancers are also very happy.

After subscribing to the list, Pakistani entrepreneurs will be able to easily sell their products on the platform. However according to the report, the Commerce Department initially only shared the names of 38 exporters with Amazon for the registration so it will take some time to make the most of it.

How to Sell on Amazon

Amazon is indeed a remarkable feat for the local eCommerce industry and a huge opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, wholesalers, and even manufacturers to capture the international market.

However, many Pakistanis still don’t know much about selling on Amazon. It is a completely different platform and you need proper training before you start selling on it.

New Market for Pakistani Manufacturers & Sellers

Pakistanis’ dream of showing our potential to the world and selling amazing products on Amazon has finally come true.

But Amazon has its own specialties and protocols which are quite new to us. Therefore, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to dive into this sea without the necessary preparations.

Selling Without Experience

The errors can also cause Amazon to cancel our country’s sales rights on its platform. So proper training is essential before you start selling on Amazon.

Many companies leading training providers in this industry to train the people who want to excel in this field.

Essentials of Amazon’s Privacy & Policy

There are many things you need to take care of before you start selling on Amazon. To begin with, Amazon expects sellers to provide adequate and accurate details of their business to their customers.

Some other things to remember as you prepare to sell on Amazon from Pakistan include: never intentionally abuse or damage another seller’s listings or ratings; never increase product prices after placing an order, and never send inappropriate or incorrect messages to customers.

Amazon’s Business Modules

Amazon, being a leading marketplace for sellers and buyers, offers numerous programs for its partners. To facilitate commerce and e-commerce activities, Amazon has numerous business modules such as Amazon FBA, Amazon Wholesale, Amazon Dropshipping, Amazon Affiliate Marketing, and many more. This makes proper training even more necessary for first-time sellers from Pakistan.

Professional Seller on Amazon

The people who are keen to learn Amazon business can visit relevant sites for Training which offers effective and professional Amazon training courses from basic to advanced level under the guidance of professionals.

The course will cover all Amazon business modules such as Amazon FBA, Wholesale, Dropshipping, etc that help increase your job prospects in a new way. These courses cover understanding policies and procedures, store management, sales improvement, marketing improvement, and selling on Amazon.

Learn it well before practice!

Training offers you the opportunity to learn all about selling on Amazon with the help of the best professional sellers and trainers. With the Training, you can be a successful player in the Pakistani e-commerce industry.


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