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TikTok hosts Digital Wellbeing webinar in Pakistan

Digital Wellbeing Webinar: TikTok Educates Users About Digital Safety, Challenges

TikTok held a live webinar on ‘digital wellbeing’ to educate and provide answers to people about digital safety and similar challenges that arise whenever a new technological platform is launched and the efforts exerted by TikTok to create a safe and positive environment for its users.

A three-member panel consisting of Jamin Tan, APAC’s Head of Regional Product Policy at TikTok; Jehan Ara, member of the TikTok APAC Security Advisory Council; and Junaid Akram, a leading content creator, discussed online security as an industry-wide challenge and TikTok‘s efforts to create a safe and positive environment for its users

Digital Wellbeing

The goal of the webinar was to educate the TikTok community and the public about the community’s guidelines, security policies, and platform tools, as well as its efforts to maintain the digital well-being of its community.

Social media expert Junaid, who recently joined TikTok to further expand his audience, said that after joining TikTok, audience diversity has increased. “TikTok’s penetration is so deep that it reaches the most remote areas of Pakistan.

Since I started developing creative and informed content on TikTok, that audience from different areas of Pakistan has become my audience, “he said.

Junaid said that as a non-native platform, TikTok took some time to understand Pakistan’s cultural sensibilities. However, once the platform recognized the user base perspective, it designed its security and community standards appropriately.

“The growth on TikTok is phenomenal. It spreads very quickly. As I mainly create comic content, I try to convey some knowledge through my content and I try to educate the masses on different fields and topics, “he added.

Junaid, referring to other countries, said that people from different countries use this platform to spread knowledge and awareness. “TikTok users are all over the country, we can use it to spread awareness and educate people. This is what is happening globally. I even make some 15-30 second experimental videos that are effective, “he said.

He also said that the responsibility for creating safe content rests with the content creators. “Everyone has the right to express themselves but must act responsibly.

I never upload irresponsible and insecure content to my account. It is the user’s responsibility to create creative and useful content. Unsafe content is not what TikTok or any other creator promotes, “he said.

Social media expert Junaid Akram advised people to use platforms like TikTok which have a huge reach for educating people.


Digital Wellbeing


In addition to that, the webinar members also shared tips and ideas on content creation and encouraged the TikTok community in Pakistan to create more educational and inspiring content.

“We have invested heavily to ensure that TikTok remains a secure platform for users. We have also published our Community Guidelines in Urdu to bridge the gap between users and the platform, “said Jamin Tan.

“As security is our top priority, we have introduced a multitude of security controls to protect the experience of our younger users, especially the Family Pairing feature. Age Gate is the first step in ensuring that the right content reaches the right people, “added Jamin.

The discussion culminated with Jehan Ara providing some in-depth commentary on how Pakistani content creators, especially young people, are also following the ethics of responsible content creation and producing 15-30 seconds of engaging educational videos on how to set up devices, create art. etc. using techniques such as animation. etc.

Digital Wellbeing

Digital WellbeingAccording to her, this gave young people the opportunity to express themselves, developing self-confidence and personality in the process.

On behalf of TikTok, she said the platform doesn’t just work through mechanisms like parental controls but uses artificial intelligence to ensure that any content that shouldn’t be viewed by the 13-16 age groups is removed or not allowed at all. On the platform, stating that everything curated is safe for consumption across the board.



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