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Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Quick Answer:
“Digital Marketing is a platform to reach consumers. It is a broad field where customer can be engaged through different digital marketing strategy.”
UrbanArts helps business to achieve their target audience through the Internet of Things (IOT).

When Digital Marketing is started?

First web banner went live in 1993 that was the good initiative towards Digital Marketing. This was the beginning of the Digital Marketing Era. So it can be concluding that Digital Marketing is growing through ages and technologies that bring chunks of opportunities for users and businesses. UrbanArts offers to establish your business’ presence digitally and you can use all the opportunities meticulously.

There are some examples of digital marketing

  • Social Media Profiles
  • Website
  • Images and Video Content
  • Blog Posts and eBooks
  • Reviews and Customer Testimonials
  • Branded Logos, Images, or Icons
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Why Digital Marketing is important?

  • The world has 7.7 Billion People and 4.4 Billion people use devices through internet.
  • Around 30% of consumers interact with brands via social channels.

To be competitive business approach UrbanArts makes your business present on all social channels.

Types of Digital Marketing:

In this era marketing relies on technology that gives all inclusive performance of analytics of a business website and all social media forums. UrbanArts works on the following types:

1.Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Its a technical marketing tool that makes web pages attractive to search engines. Following features unpredictability involved SEO and makes it an art an art. Google changes SEO algorithm and rank website high constantly.

2. Content Writing:

Content writing distribution based on SEO and that content target the required audience. The goal of content marketing results potential clients.

There are plenty of stats to prove content marketing:

  • 84% of consumers expects companies to entertain and helpful content
  • 62% of companies produce content through 5000 employees respectively
  • 92% marketers have belief that content increase value of their business

Effective content writer build company ranking high and make people read, share and interact with their brands to build strong relationship.

3.Social Media Marketing:

It builds brand awareness and driving traffic for more engagement through popular social forums i.e

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tweeter
  • Linked In
  • You Tube

Social Media marketing is the fastest forum where any business can build engagement metrics which are extremely useful to reach respective business audience also transfers traffic to website.
To learn more about social media marketing please click here

  1. Pay-per-click Marketing:

    Pay-per-click (PPC) is used to post an Ad on a platform and paying every time someone clicks on the Ad. Algorithm priorities each available Ad on number of clicks as per following factors:
  • Ad quality
  • Landing Page
  • Keywords selection
  • Landing Page quality
  • Bid amount
  1. Affiliate marketing:
    UrbanArts deals affiliate marketing that works for any business promotion as a promoter.
    It works using a sharing revenue model.
    Affiliate Partnership with UrbanArts:

As a retailer UrbanArts manages the following affiliate marketing:

Following are the companies’ marketing managed by UrbanArts though Landster FaceBook, instagram and YouTube

  • Earthlink
  • Eighteen
  • Rudn Enclave
  • Mivida
    1. Native advertising:

      Paid Ads matches the look, feel and function of the media lay out in which the Ads appear. Native Ads usually shown in social forums feed and take traffic to website through the given link.

      1. Email Marketing:

        It’s a simple concept for a promotional message and hoping the prospects clicks on it. The execution of this strategy is more complexed.
        Following are the points for Email Marketing:
      • Body & Subject line Content
      • Clear unsubscribe Option
      • Integrate Transactional and promotional emails
      • 89% proven Lead generation

      Let’s shake hand digitally with UrbanArts for Digital Marketing Services.
      The benefits of digital marketing with UrbanArts: Digital Marketing services have become prominent since last few years because it searches potential audience also offers other advantages as follows:

      • Low cost
      • Huge return on investment
      • Easy to measure
      • Easy to adjust
      • Brand development
      • Easy to share
      • Precise targeting

        8. Marketing Automation:
      • Software are used in Marketing Automation for digital campaigns that improves efficiency of respective Ads to help nurture leads.
      • Nurture Leads
      • Reach the marketing message ate the right time to the right audience
      • Targeted designed campaigns

      UrbanArts creates growth Digital marketing:

      • Works on marketing strategy
      • Consistent contact with your customers
      • Provides digital data
      • Business growth development

      Components of digital marketing that take your Business to the next level :

      Digital marketing is the only touch point where a customer interacts many times a day. To properly use these channels you need to join hands digitally with UrbanArts.

        • Pays Search
        • SEO
        • Content Interaction
        • Omni channel marketing
        • Mobile friendly website & mobile apps Pay Search & Google Ad Search:Google Ad shows on Google searches that show organic results and paid results of an Ad. Paid Ad promotions charge when someone clicks on the Ad. Paid searches drive traffic towards Website for the relevant customers of your business.Search Engine Optimization (SEO):Search Engine Marketing is getting reach of a website to the top of the search. If someone searches your brand/productEveryone should be doing SEO no matter what business or industry you are running.
          In this way creating content that can be searched by active users also can be monitored technically and optimized.Content Interaction:

          Content Interaction is very important to increase the cost effecting sales and getting loyal customers. Attractive Content Designing also creates engagement of a product/business.

          Omni channel Marketing:
          Through this marketing strategy customers can be approached through multiple channels and can build a lifelong relationship for seeking sales and business development.

          Mobile Friendly Website & Mobile Apps:

          Mostly customers are mobile users and this is very obvious that website should be mobile friendly as well and if your business/brand has mobile App you can float different sales packages through mobile app. Having only a website and mobile-friendly version means leaving out a superfluity of devices, browsers, and screen sizes. Only having two versions of a website doesn’t account for the fact there are more than two screen sizes users will look at it on.

          Common problems that UrbanArts can solve:

          Marketing and advertising is costly and financial burden due to high demands of customers for their business.
          Digitalize your marketing to get right audience engagement. Team of experienced professional will provide you metrics that will give your marketing team credibility.

          • Getting the right audience
          • Company Channel Optimization
          • Social Media Strategy
          • Cross Channel functionality with team

          Let’s plan your digital marketing budget with UrbanArts:

          Planning, implementing and optimizing your business digitally

          Step1. Identify the audiences: Now day’s customers want to experience across every touch points and explore.
          Step2.  ROI can be done by using of personas audience information to determine personas and get a clear view of their sales journey to establish your goals.
          Step3: Right data management platforms exchange in place before you get started and communicate everyone’s objectives to fit into the big picture of digital marketing.
          Step4. Digital marketing can be used for building customer loyalty, and branding review.

          Marketing Design for digital Era:

          More than 80 percent smartphones users use  their phones to decide what products to purchase while in stores”.
          Website should be mobile friendly for maximum reach on Google search.
          Usually Smartphone users search on Google while they are busy in other tasks.

          Mobile Marketing:

          Urban Arts focused on reaching target audience on their smartphones and tablets. We as branding company design posts and offer packages mobile friendly for maximum engagement to a geographic location or a time. Potential customers are mostly found their product on mobile. It is expected that approximately187.5 million mobile users will shop things in 2024 so there is a clear need to know how can a company optimize their marketing.

          What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

          When it comes in your mind to choose a Digital Marketing company what comes in your mind? Why do you want digital marketing for the reach of your business to the selected market?
          Obviously UrbanArts is the best choice in twin cities that deals in Real Estates marketing, Restaurants, Clothing brands, Salons, and much more.

          Track and allocate spend:

          UrbanArts works on updated models for the best results and allocate advance modelling. This gives insight into spend and success rates across multiple digital channels of a business.

          The Right Ads to Drive Conversions:

          UrbanArts also assist in building out all-inclusive user profiles that help to understand when to show their ad, and on what device.

          Correlate Qualitative and Quantitative Results:

          The right digital marketing company helps to make better choices to generate revenue. Qualitative campaigns provide metrics into how value compares over time. So, why not UrbanArts?

          Marketing Analytics:

          In this digital Era UrbanArts track the customer for your business by respective analytics and collect data from clicks for productive results.
          Google analytics gives us best results to market the business according to the respective channel. Analytics help us for campaign results. Analytics don’t not only monitor the campaigns also improve the campaigns.

          Digital Marketing Skills:

          UrbanArts has a team of experienced marketers who work on strategic marketing to grow your business. We strive voice to be the customers.
          Each field of marketing a qualified professional is managing relevant accounts to take them to the set target

          Team Lead:

          • Maintains all campaigns, websites (SEO/SEM), social media presence and all social forums of multiple brands.
          • Plans marketing strategy of multiple brands accordingly
          • Measuring monthly reports and monitoring insights for the improvement
          • Works as a researcher to compare the market value of the respective business
          • Coordinates with sales team for maximum results from Ad campaign

          Designing Team:

          • Oversee the design perspectives according to the business
          • Design the project according to the cost.
          • Collaborates with team maintain up to date understanding with customers
          • Works with mutual understanding with sales team

          Budget Estimation for Digital Marketing:


          Smart budget estimation is a sets up for your project’s quick execution also saves a lot of time. Accurate budget estimation can either accelerate the business development.

          UrbanArts has a team a mix of experienced professionals and knowledge of the market to digitalized the work. in your budget. Because the budget planning in the initial stages of the project development is extremely important for its success.

          Let’s do the FIRST DIGITAL HANDSHAKE!!!

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